Exchange Union Unveils Developer Rewards Program with FundRequest

We are proud to reveal our partnership with FundRequest and the launch of our new rewards program for the open source developer community. This initiative allows contributing developers to collect rewards in the form of our utility token, XUC, through the FundRequest platform.

FundRequest’s developer marketplace brings together a multitude of talented open source developers who are encouraged to work together on blockchain projects whilst earning rewards and broadening their skill base.

“FundRequest supports an array of projects and our most recent partnership with Exchange Union continues this tradition. It’s great to have them join our network and give developers more exciting projects to contribute to and get rewarded,” Karel Striegel, CEO of FundRequest.

Exchange Union was founded to combat the lack of liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets. By connecting cryptocurrency exchanges using Layer 2 technology, we are able to facilitate cross-exchange trading of tokens instantly and trustlessly.

“Creating a highly liquid exchange from day one is extremely difficult. The open source XUD node software we are developing solves that problem by enabling instant, secure and trustless transactions between exchanges. Thanks to the rewards program we’ve now initiated with FundRequest, developers can play their part in contributing to our open source project whilst earning XUC tokens,” Kilian Rausch, Product Director at Exchange Union.

Through this new initiative we look forward to accelerating the development of our core technology & improving liquidity and the user experience of cryptocurrency traders around the globe.

Learn more about how FundRequest supports open-source collaboration on their website, where you can also access their platform and browse all available tasks.

What is Exchange Union?
Exchange Union is a decentralized network which enables the trading of cryptocurrencies across isolated digital asset exchanges instantly and securely, generating increased liquidity and providing the best possible price for the end-user.

Exchange Union

Building the Future of Trading.

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